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Rebuilding and Selling Pianos for Customers in Geneva, NY

Ken Walkup has specialized in selling and rebuilding pianos since 1975. Private and institutional customers throughout Geneva, NY have counted on Ken because of his vast knowledge of pianos and thorough workmanship. Whether he’s rebuilding a worn down piano or preparing a piano for purchase, he makes sure that each and every model receives quality attention and maintenance. He is the current piano technician for Cornell, so you can count on him to provide reliable service and knowledge.


Services Offered in Geneva


Piano Rebuilding

If you own an older piano, you might notice that the finish had faded and the tone has worsened over time. Rebuilding your piano can help restore your piano to its original condition by repairing or replacing components that have worn down, as well as refinishing the case.

Ken will make sure your piano gets the repairs and maintenance it deserves when you count on him for your rebuilding project. Whether you need a full or partial rebuild, he will know which components need to be repaired or replaced, including the soundboard, pin blocks, strings, actions, dampers and more. Although Ken has a lot of experience with rebuilding Steinway pianos and pianos produced since the mid-nineteenth century, he enjoys working on a variety of pianos, so you can rest assured that your piano will be incapable and experienced hands.

Piano Sales

If you’re looking to buy a piano for teaching purposes, performances or just for personal use, Ken will work with you to help you buy a high-quality rebuilt piano. He primarily sells Steinway and Mason & Hamlin pianos, although he has sold pianos from other manufacturers in the past. No matter the model, you’ll be purchasing a piano that has been thoroughly rebuilt and refinished using high-quality components to restore its original sound and appearance as closely as possible.

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