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Piano Sales & Rebuilding for Customers in Binghamton, NY

If you’re looking to buy a rebuilt piano or you have a piano that needs to be rebuilt, count on Ken Walkup. He has sold and restored many modern and historical pianos for institutional and private clients throughout Binghamton, NY. Ken has worked extensively with pianos since 1975 and is the current piano technician for Cornell, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest expertise and customer service, whether you’re buying a piano or having one rebuilt.

 Services Offered in Binghamton

Piano Rebuilding

As your piano ages over time, you might notice that the tone quality worsens, the finish fades or even certain components weaken and break. If you notice your piano is starting to wear down significantly, getting it rebuilt is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of restoring your piano’s original appearance and tone quality. Rebuilding a piano involves disassembling and reassembling the instrument using parts that are either repaired or replaced and can be as minimal as replacing a couple components to something as major as rebuilding the entire structure, including refinishing the exterior.

Ken Walkup specializes in full and partial rebuilds of Steinway pianos and pianos produced since the mid-nineteenth century, although he has the experience to rebuild many other kinds of pianos. Whether you need a partial or a full rebuild, Ken can accurately assess what parts need to be repaired or replaced—from soundboards and bridges to actions and dampers—and has the workmanship needed to get the job completed right the first time. When the job is finished, your piano will sound like it did when it was first built.

Piano Sales

In addition to rebuilding pianos, Ken also sells newly rebuilt pianos to clients throughout Binghamton. When you buy a piano from Ken, you’ll be buying from a seasoned expert who will know every detail about the piano you’re about to purchase and has worked extensively on rebuilding it so it has the same classic sound and finish it had when it was first produced. Although he specializes in selling Steinway and Mason & Hamlin pianos, he has also sold pianos from many other manufacturers. No matter what kind of piano you’re buying, Ken will work with you throughout the process for a fair and hassle-free purchase.

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